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We recently published a paragraph or two on this page, explaining in brief, changes that had taken place in March 2004 affecting search engine site submissions. These changes forced us to withdraw our previously popular offer of 6 months free subscription to a business level site registration scheme.

Whilst we continued to provide the latest search engine information and offer assistance with site registration, it became increasingly obvious that Lankester Designs needed to offer a dedicated search engine service. A service, which could not only offer site registration, but also incorporate optimisation techniques to ensure high rankings and therefore increased traffic.

As a result of this decision, we are pleased to announce that with immediate effect we have teamed up with one of the leading Online Marketing companies in the UK to provide Search Engine Optimisation and submission services. With clients ranging from central goverment and large organisations like Harrods and Dynorod, right through to SMEs they have many years experience and can provide the expertise and knowledge required to maximise the potential of your website. They can provide a review of your website strategy and an independent professional search engine marketing programme that will really start to make your website earn its keep.

A Monthly Management program is also available, which includes a quarterly report giving details on navigation patterns, repeat visitor numbers, overall traffic levels and other useful data. This information gives a valuable insight in to how your site is performing and enables us to make adjustments to keep abreast of any algorithm changes adopted by the search engines.

This service is not exclusive to websites built by Lankester Designs.

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